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SCO Owns Your Computer June 16, 2003
"All Your Base Are Belong To Us"

Antennas Enhance WLAN Security October 1, 2001
Antennas are most often used to increase the range of WLAN (wireless LAN) systems, but proper antenna selection can also enhance the security of your WLAN. A properly chosen and positioned antenna can reduce the signal leaking out of your workspace, and make interception extremely difficult.

Toshiba's Libretto L1 Crusoe Subnotebook July 16, 2001
Trevor puts one of Toshiba's new Crusoe-powered two-pounder subnotebooks to the test with heavy audio-video crunching.

Gigabit Over Copper And VoIP May, 2001
Gigabit over copper, 1000 BaseTX, sends 10 times the amount of data over normal 100 BaseT (CAT-5, RJ45) cabling. VoIP lets voice traffic be sent over the Internet. Both these technologies are entering mass-production, and are going to have a huge impact.

SuSE Linux 7.1 -- 2.4.0 Kernel And More March 12, 2001
SuSE's new 7.1 release of its Linux distribution is the first commercial release to include the new 2.4.0 kernel, the Reiser journaling filesystem, and more. And, reports Trevor, the $69.95 SuSE 7.1 Professional is a compilation of the best that Linux has to offer, including full Beowulf scientific cluster support.

Don't Bogart That MPEG Decoder February 05, 2001
Video developers and industry lawyers are on a collision course, reports Trevor, as open source software developers find they have to cope with threats of legal action unless they cease distributing MPEG and ASF freeware.

In Computer Audio, More Samples Matter January 08, 2001
When it comes to sampling rates for digital audio, what you can't hear can't hurt you -- or can it?

DVD Audio Part 2: Sounding Good December 11, 2000
DVD-Audio lets digital sound recording achieve new accuracies and clarity. But do we really need all that extra high fidelity?

DVD Audio Part I Of II: DVD Audio CDs December 04, 2000
DVD makes a great medium for audio CDs, says Trevor.

Digital Pixels October 16, 2000
How many digital pixels can you actually fit onto a TV screen? There's no easy answer -- but there is a lot to know about the conversion of audio and video, reports Trevor.

Open Source Video September 11, 2000
It is clear that full-screen video content will play a big role in the future of the Internet. Trevor discusses how some of the major players are trying to elbow out the open source newcomers, and vice-versa.

Prepping Video For DVD And Web August 14, 2000
There is a bewildering array of software and hardware designed for preparing video destined for the Web, DVDs, VCDs, and SVCDs. Trevor describes his video hardware, and looks at a few public-domain utilities that can ease the video-editing task.

Make Your Own DVDs And SuperVCDs July 17, 2000
A lot of software is available for making DVD's, but a DVD-R burner costs $3,000. On the other hand, you can burn the new SuperVCDs (SVCDs) in a standard CD-R, but there is not much software available to create them. Trevor describes how to create both DVD and SVCD disks.

The D-Link DI-701 Residential Gateway June 12, 2000
At $99, D-Link's DI-701 Residential Gateway gives residential and SOHO users no excuse not to network multiple systems to their broadband access and protect them with a firewall.

Movies On The Internet May 29, 2000
MPEG-4, also known as MP4, has arrived, and Trevor says it will change how we think about video the way MP3 has for audio -- by making movie-level video over the Internet and on computers viable with today's bandwidth and processing capabilities.

What's The Video Equivalent Of MP3? April 10, 2000
Since MP3 has become the international standard for digital audio, Trevor poses (and addresses) the question "What will happen with digital video?"

Of CPU Emulation, Crusoe, The ARM, And x86 February 14, 2000
Trevor looks at the technology behind Transmeta's new CPU from a historical perspective, and describes a program that lets you try out CPU emulation (morphing) for yourself.

Prepping A SOHO IP Network To Connect To The Net January 17, 2000
To connect your SOHO network and Linux gateway to the Internet, you'll need DNS, valid IP addresses, and a few other things, advises Trevor.

King Hardware Is Dead, Long Live Queen Content December 13, 1999
Trevor takes a quick review of computing, and muses on how just as software and standardization drive the computer revolution today, it's content and the Internet now fueling the information revolution.

Put 1.7MB Onto 1.44MB Floppies November 08, 1999
How to create 1.7-Mbyte MDF floppies with GRDuw Windows shareware or Linux. Now add DNS server and full DHCP to floppy-bootable Linux.

Adding DHCP, 100BaseT To Your Linux Gateway October 11, 1999
Making your LAN talk to the Net.

Increasing Your Masquerading Gateway Security September 13, 1999
Just a few extra lines of code can make your machine much more immune to attack.

A Simple Internet Gateway For Your LAN August 09, 1999
Trevor shows you how all your computers can access the Internet with only one ISP and one phone line.

The Firewall Masquerade July 19, 1999
Looking for a simple Internet firewall? Welcome to Linux's "Masquerade"

Running Linux In A DOS Partition June 14, 1999
Internet Serving And Linux Development On S 486, The JOE Editor, And More.

Linux Makes It Easy To Build Your Own Internet Server May 10, 1999
At last, a use for your old 486.

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